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Why choose Barkod?

We believe that art
can change things a lot!

We convert ideas and concepts to
visual textual content and graphical forms.

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The range of ideas in generating and creating new things

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We can creating advertising and promotional videos for

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We build a strong base in creating a social media pages and

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Without a website your existence in the digital world is

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Writing, editing, design and printing services to help

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All Printing and organizing exhibitions and conferences

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About us

Who we are !!!

We provide our services to each owner thought by exceeding expectations in every aspect of new media design and branding BARKOD is an instrumental part of marketing activities for many global corporations By attracting and retaining the best talent of the manufacture Our goal's at BARKOD is to produce original and excellent work to meet your marketing objectives

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Istanbul - Turkey

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BARKOD talented graphic designers use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to create visual compositions matches the client’s needs.

They also perform at Corporate designing such as logos and branding.

Creative Ideas

The range of ideas in generating and creating new things,
new ideas
will always tend to have the best results.

The need for creative thinking has transitioned from the arts into everyday business,
Through the creative process, employees are tasked with exploring the profitable outcome of an existing or potential effort, which typically involves generating and applying alternative
options to a company’s products, services and procedures through the use of conscious or unconscious insight.

BARKOD provides and promotes the best and unique ideas involved with the exclusive designs
to innovate and deliver a creative interaction resulting in a memorable endeavor for our clients

Are you looking for a professional video to publicize your services, company or product ?
We can creating advertising and promotional videos for your brand and commercial companies with a professional voice over comment to the video with a distinct media voice

-Branding logo intro We have creative Ideas to custom made logo animation
-Digital Videos Digital videos for your online marketing campaign Tell your business, tell your services.
-YouTube Videos High effective YouTube bumper and YouTube pre-roll video ads.
-Social Media Videos Attractive social media videos for Facebook Instagram Snapchat and Stories . Get more follower, get more results
-Company Promo We transform your company presentation in to a 2 minute video. Tell your business more effectively
-Animation Videos We prepare animation videos that tells your business, your process, your web site, your story, your products or services .




Nowadays, social media websites and apps occupies a wide space in our lives. In business, it plays an important role in marketing the products, promoting brands and enhance new business.

BARKOD gives an advantage to the companies in increasing their brand exposure and broaden customer reach by improving the number of visitors for a website through the search engine optimization which can be done in two ways either by adding social media links to content such as RSS feeds and sharing buttons, or by promoting activity through social media via status updates, tweets, or blog posts.

The main aim is to create content captivating enough that users will share it with their social networks.
We build a strong base in creating a social media pages and designing a social media policies to guide companies for expanding with keeping an eye on the employee’s posts
will not expose the company to legal problems or public embarrassment .



Without a website your existence in the digital world is meaningless !
Having a website is one of the best ways a business can use to reach their existing clients and attain new ones. A powerful web presence announce to your clients that you’re a leader in your field !

Web designing about planning and creation of the website which includes information architecture, site structure, user interface, layout, colors and fonts.
We at BARKOD are focused on the most important role in creating a website which is designing, our skilled designer team will deliver the requested project beyond the client’s expectations within the required time of delivering

UX&UI Design

User interface design focuses on knowing your targeted user, understanding the goals, skills and preferences to create concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.
User experience designers (UX) as well we look
at sub-systems and processes within a system.

Editorial design for instance magazines, newspapers and books

We offer bespoke writing, editing, design and printing services to help you with your philanthropy conference, research or project .

provision of editorial, design and printing services for authors of books and university research papers

We offer you integrated services in the field of
All Printing and organizing exhibitions and conferences .

Printing services :

Business Card – Brochure – Flyer – Poster – Magnet – Insert – Presentation Folder – Sticker – Cardboard Bag
Letterhead – Envelope – Block Note – Receipt – Calendar – Catalog – Magazine – Box – Cardboard bag and more …

Packaging :

Plastic and metal printing
Cosmetic – Food – Industrial – Decorative …

All hotel and restaurant supplies

Promotion gifts for all customers and companies for all occasions .